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LUCY S(1294)
Lucy S(1294)
16/04/2023 at 8:04 pm
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Beverly M(27)

Hi sadly your case is one of thousands what they done to you was the cause of the problems and its a set up they do all the time. If you want to join a group I have set up for kids under a special guardian it dont matter if yours isn't but please join . Its called a specail guardianship order a parents view there's many on there like you. So don't be scared to join.

A rubbish social worker would be more likely to ignore abuse and neglect, not fabricate it. There are countless instances where this has happened where they have failed to intervene and children have died.

Comments like this aren’t helpful, taking ownership and changing where needed is. Is it more likely that social services are deliberately working to separate kids from their parents, or are they just trying to do their jobs- protect the child from an unsafe situation- and maybe once the child is removed things fall apart further?🤔 there is no set up, this poor lady needs support not being told that people are working against her

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