Fisher-Price® 2-Sided Steady Speed™ Walker: ‘It’s perfect to get your little one motivated to move!’

First published on Tuesday 20 December 2022

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Learning to walk is a HUGE part of your baby’s development. But your little one needs support with those wobbly, early stages.

The all-new Fisher-Price® 2-Sided Steady Speed™ Walker is the perfect toy to help them get on the move: from sitting up and pulling up, all the way through to walking. Ideal for babies from 6 months, the walker is also packed with fun, educational activities to boost your baby’s learning as they play.

But don’t just take our word for it. In our Netmums product trial, 90% of our testers said they’d recommend the walker to family and friends.

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About the test

Our panel of 25 Netmums, all with babies aged between 6-18 months, put the Fisher-Price 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker to the test.


We asked them to tell us what their child enjoyed most about the walker, if they found it educational and whether they’d recommend the toy to other parents.

Here’s what they said …

1. It’s great quality

Fisher-Price is known for creating quality toys, and the 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker is no exception. It’s also super easy to put together, a must when your baby wants to play with it right away!

'The product is good quality, it is very robust and has been well challenged by my children!'

'The quality was very good and was easy to assemble and seems very sturdy.'

'This product was very well made and my daughter loved walking up and down the living room.'

'It was well made and stable with plenty of activity and audio to engage babies and toddlers. It was easy to put together and we did this very quickly – the children helped too!’

‘This is an absolutely amazing product which is easy to assemble.’

'Such a lovely toy, doesn’t take up too much space and really easy to build.'

2. It’s great for babies learning to walk

The 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker is suitable for babies from 6 months and is perfect for babies going from sitting and pulling up to their first steps. The ‘Steady Speed’ wheels on the walker mean your baby can take slow steps without it whizzing off.

'It doesn't run away too fast on the carpet which is a bonus'

'The walker is sturdy and encourages standing and pulling up with a natural progression from sitting. Overall it’s perfect to get your little one motivated to move!'

'We would still very much recommend this toy especially if a child is showing signs of standing up and trying to pull themselves up by themselves.'

'I think this would be very beneficial for a child that is beginning to start walking as it is very steady.'

'I would definitely recommend this product, can be good for helping with your child’s walking but they can also have fun when they want to relax.'

'There is something for every child to enjoy and grows with them until they are independently walking!'

3. The activities were a hit

Learning to walk is tiring business. Luckily the walker, which has an RRP of £37.99, has plenty to keep your baby entertained thanks to 2 sides of activities. Our mini-testers particularly loved the interactive steering wheel, music and shape sorting blocks.

'It's bright and colourful with plenty to occupy our child!'

'I found it easy to assemble and it is full of activities that my little one loves! Each side has a different appeal! With flashing lights and fun sounds it captivates their attention whilst learning them a new skill.'

'It was also really great that it had two sides because it allowed them both to play with it at the same time which isn’t always possible with some toys.'

'My 15-month-old son loves this. He’s still crawling/coasting but enjoying pushing it around and especially likes playing with the musical steering wheel.'

'Milo loves the music and steering wheel and was able to pull himself up safely to stand which was a first.'

4. It helps babies learn

The Fisher-Price 3 Smart Stages learning levels help your child learn as they play. From teaching the alphabet and counting to opposites, the walker has more than 50 songs, sounds and phrases.

'The product was very educational and she listened to the music and appeared to recognised the ABC song'

‘It’s a very good sturdy walker, and also is good for learning shapes and motor skills. My son loved the music button.’

'My 7-month-old can practice his fine motor skills with the shapes, steering wheel and other features and enjoys playing with these.'

'I find it very educational, she likes putting the blocks into the correct places. Once built we sat and played with the toy, I showed her all the different things you could do.'

Here are even more reasons the Fisher-Price 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker is the perfect toy for your baby this Christmas .

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