9 (surprising!) reasons to sign your child up for performing arts

First published on Wednesday 1 March 2023

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Think singing, acting and dancing classes are just for kids who like to perform? From boosting self-confidence to making friends, there are loads of surprising benefits for ALL children.

If your child loves to take centre stage, then signing them up for drama classes is probably on your to-do list. But even if they aren’t overly confident, performing arts could be the helping hand they need to boost their creativity and develop other vital life skills. And finding lessons specifically for kids couldn’t be easier!

Stagecoach Performing Arts run singing, dancing and acting classes for children aged 4-18 all over the UK. Whether your child is desperate to see their name in lights, or if they simply want to feel more comfortable speaking out in class, it’s the perfect after-school activity.

With enrolment for the new term now open, here are 9 reasons to book your child’s place today …

1. It boosts children’s confidence

Lots of kids struggle with confidence. Drama classes can boost your child's self-esteem and help them feel more comfortable speaking up in front of other people.

According to the experts at Stagecoach , not only do their classes boost kids' confidence it also makes them feel more engaged.

And there's not a screen in sight. Where do we sign up?!

2. It helps them make new friends

The teamwork needed in performing arts classes to learn songs or rehearse scenes helps kids work together and form friendships, aww.

Having friends outside of school is an added bonus, especially if there are 'playground politics' that they are struggling with.

3. Some VERY famous actors started there

… including Emma Watson who even auditioned for Harry Potter while she was a Stagecoach student. Woah!

Other celebs including McFly singer Tom Fletcher and Tracey Beaker star Dani Harmer who both attended the classes when they were younger.

And earlier this year, a handful of Stagecoach students landed roles in the new Matilda the Musical movie. So if your child wants a stepping stone to a career on stage, this could be it!

4. Classes are small

And that means your child will get the attention they need from their teacher. Plus, there are centres all over the UK (and the world!) so there’s bound to be one near you. Classes run in term time so there’s no clash with school holidays either.

The weekly lessons are split into Early Stages (4-6 year olds) and Main Stages (6-18 year olds).


5. You can ‘try before you buy’

Signing up for a 12-week term, may feel like a big commitment – especially if this is the first time your child is going to attend performing arts classes.

The lovely folk at Stagecoach offer the option of a 2-week paid trial . That way, you can be sure your child loves it before signing them up.

Selected Stagecoach schools in England accept payment via Childcare Vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare. Simply speak to your local school's Principal to find out more.

6. Your child will learn resilience

Performing arts classes won’t just improve your child’s singing, acting and dancing skills. Various studies have found they can build their resilience and boost their mental well-being, too. There are lots of ways this happens.

Stagecoach students are taught breathing techniques, which not only help them sing, but can also help if your child has anxiety or suffers from panic attacks. Meanwhile, a study found that dancing makes you feel happier … and this happiness lasts for at least a week.

Sounds good to us!

7. … and loads of other life skills, too

From self-awareness to thinking creatively, performing arts classes teach kids SO much more than you might think.

Researchers say it also helps kids express their emotions without feeling embarrassed. Meanwhile, Stagecoach says it teaches ‘Creative Courage for Life’ and it’s easy to see why!

8. Performing arts classes boost language skills

Reading scripts, learning new songs … performing arts classes help kids with their communication skills.

Not only does it boost children’s reading and speaking skills, it can add to their vocabulary too. Win, win.

9. You can watch your child perform

With such an impact on life skills, you’ll be seeing the benefits of your child’s performing arts classes every day. But you can also see their performance skills, too.

Parents are invited to watch their child's end of term performance, and you’ll be kept updated on how they're getting on in their weekly classes.

Selected schools also take part in Stagecoach's Summer Showcase, and Disney's Dance the Dream – offering students the opportunity to perform in large theatre venues and take part dancing in the pre-parade at Disneyland Paris.

Click here to find your nearest Stagecoach, and to enrol your child.