The must-buy baby toy at the top of ALL our Christmas lists

First published on Thursday 17 November 2022

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The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and the hunt is on for the perfect gift for your baby.

But rather than splashing out on presents your little one will grow out of by spring, opt for a toy that will keep your child entertained for years to come. The brand new Fisher-Price® 2-Sided Steady Speed™ Walker is ideal for your baby: from when they’re first learning to sit up, all the way through to preschool. Sounds good to us!

Here’s why the Fisher-Price 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker is THE toy to wrap for your baby under the Christmas tree this year …

1. It grows with your baby

Your baby is learning new skills every day.


The 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker, suitable for babies from six months, ‘grows’ with your little one from sitting to pulling themselves up … and their first steps.


2. There are LOTS of ways to play with it

From pushing the walker along the floor as they go exploring to sitting down and playing with the two sides of activities, there’s loads for your child to do.

Your baby will love the shape sorting blocks, music, interactive steering wheel … and the chance to be on the move. The 10 activities aren't just for fun, they also help your baby develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Fisher-Price 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker

3. It’s perfect for walking ‘beginners’

Your baby will be pretty unsteady on their feet when they first start walking. The clever folks at Fisher-Price have thought of that, and added ‘Steady Speed’ wheels on the walker.

This means your baby can take slow steps, supported by the sturdy walker, without it whizzing off. They can also push it along from either side, making it even easier to use.

4. It helps your child learn letters and numbers

Even when your little one has mastered the art of walking, there’s still PLENTY of fun to be had with the 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker.

From teaching the alphabet and counting to opposites, the Fisher-Price 3 Smart Stages learning levels help your child learn as they play. There are more than 50 songs, sounds and phrases for your child to explore.

5. It’s great for pretend play

As your child gets older you’ll start seeing more of their amazing imaginations. And they love any opportunity for pretend play.

The 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker has an interactive dashboard and steering wheel for your little one to ‘drive’. Hours of fun, guaranteed!

With an RRP of £37.99, the Fisher-Price 2-Sided Steady Speed Walker is the perfect gift this Christmas.

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