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The 100 best baby buys 2022

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Deciding what products to buy for your baby can be a minefield, as there are SO many to choose from!

To give you a helping hand, we've pulled together what we think are the top 100 baby buys.

These great buys cover everything from your first pushchair or stroller to essential breastfeeding and weaning buys, plus handy gadgets that'll help make your life as a parent easier.

From moses baskets to breast pumps, changing mats to baby baths, all the must-have are here to add your shopping basket!

We think this is the list that ALL parents have kids of all ages – whether they have a baby or a toddler to buy for.

What are you waiting for? Ready, steady, SHOP!

What baby items do you need to buy?

At the very least you’ll need at least three or four sets of clothing, somewhere for your baby to sleep, nappies, and a milk supply.

  • Moses basket/ crib
  • Baby sleeping bag
  • Sling or newborn pram
  • Baby monitor
  • Changing mat
  • Changing bag
  • Breast pump
  • Car seat

Baby essentials to spend more of your budget on

Car seat

Safety is the most important thing to think about when choosing a car seat.

You should never buy one second hand as you can’t be sure that it hasn’t been involved in a car accident (however minor), which could weaken and affect the safety of its structure.

Buy the most expensive model you can afford, ideally fitted with the ISOFIX system, and check that it’s the correct age and weight range for your baby.


Using a second-hand mattress has been linked to a rise in the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), as they can be dirty and prone to damp if they’ve been stored incorrectly, so it’s advisable to always buy new if you can.

If you know exactly where a mattress has come from, and it appears clean, you can think about using it, but make sure it has a removable and washable cover.

If you’re buying new, don’t just go for the cheapest option, either.

Your baby will be spending at least half of their time sleeping in the early months, so a firm, good-quality mattress is essential.

Breast pump

If you’re expressing full time, spending money on an efficient, comfortable pump is a must.

Manual hand-held pumps are fine for filling the odd bottle, or easing engorgement, but an electric one is far smoother for everyday use.

They’re often quicker too so you don’t have to spend so long pumping.

If you’re planning to return to work and still feed your baby breastmilk, invest in a double electric pump for full-time expressing.

Baby carrier

A carrier can be invaluable in the early months for keeping nervous and fractious babies close, but the model you choose is very important.

Carriers range in price from £20-£150, but the pricier models have more features, better padding and most importantly – increased comfort.

If you’re going to be using it daily, you’ll need a carrier to be as easy to wear as possible, especially as your baby grows and gets heavier, so spending a little extra is definitely worth it.

As another option you can easily buy a good model second hand, but check all the straps and fixings are still in good working order.

Baby essentials to spend less of your budget on:

Baby bath

You can buy some amazingly designed baby baths, that fold for compact storage or have elaborate stands, but they’re one thing you can really save cash on as you won’t need to wash your newborn that much, once or twice a week is fine initially.

You could easily use a plastic washing-up bowl or a foam bath support, so you can put your baby straight into the big tub.

Both of these options cost well under £10.

Cot or cot bed

A cot or cotbed is one thing that you can easily and safely buy second hand for a fraction of the cost.

Check for any chips or cracks in the paintwork.

If you do repaint it, use a baby-safe toxic-free paint.

Also make sure that all the screws and fittings are present so it can be assembled correctly.

Always buy a new mattress (see above) unless you are 100% sure how it’s been used and stored.

If second hand isn’t your thing, most large nursery retailers will have at least one or two cots for well under £100.

They won’t be bursting with features, like under cot drawers or drop-sides, but will still give your baby somewhere secure and comfortable to sleep for a bargain price.

Baby monitor

Unless you are a particularly anxious first-time parent or your baby has health issues, a movement or video monitor is not always essential.

A basic sound-only model will do in most cases, and sometimes you don’t even need this in a smaller home.

And, if you follow government advice that recommends your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months, you should be within hearing distance anyway.

Changing table

Having matching nursery furniture, however lovely, is not a must-buy, and this goes for buying a special changing unit, too.

Just using a mat on the floor is no good for your back though, so a good compromise is to create your own DIY changing area by securing a mat to a chest of drawers.

Make sure the mat has high sides to prevent your baby rolling off, and use the top drawer to stash your changing gear.

Voila – a changing station for a fraction of the cost.

Expensive bedding sets

When you’re first shopping for your baby’s bedroom, you’ll fall in love with all the ranges of soft, luxury crib and cot bedding available, but a fitted sheet and a sleeping bag are pretty much all you need for the early months.

Quilts are a suffocation risk for children under 12 months, and cot bumpers are considered a SIDS risk by the Lullaby Trust .

It’s best to save your cash for when your baby hits toddlerhood and moves into a big bed so you can splash out on a matching quilt and curtains to match their emerging character and interests (be it Peppa Pig, tractors or fairies – or all three!).

What baby items don't you need?

These can be useful – but are not essential - especially if you have a small budget

  • Nappy stacker
  • Baby shoes
  • Expensive baby bath
  • Changing unit
  • Formula milk maker
  • Bedding sets ( a fitted sheet and a sleeping bag is best)

When should I start buying things for my new baby?

It's normally advisable to wait until your first scan before you start thinking about what equipment you need to buy.

Don't rush out and buy everything at once, as if you are clever you might be able to get everything you need for a traction of the price.

Remember that you may receive some items as gifts and friends or family may be able to give or loan you their child’s items.

Start to monitor sites and retailers who sell baby gear to see when its has sales or discounts. Amazon has a vast baby department, as does John Lewis, Very, Argos and Boots.

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