Tesco introduces BIG change and shoppers are NOT happy

First published on Thursday 30 March 2023

From 2 May, the giant supermarket is making a change to its online delivery rules. Here's what you need to know...

Tesco is making a huge change to its online shopping rules – and customers are already complaining.

The supermarket giant will be introducing a new minimum delivery charge for customers who shop for home deliveries.

And it's set to cost shoppers an extra £10 each time they order a food delivery.

What is the change and when is it coming in?

From 2 May, the minimum online spend – which currently stands at £40 – will be upped to £50.

For any orders that don't meet the minimum value, there'll be a charge of £5.

That's on top of any delivery fees or delivery saver fees you pay.

Currently, shoppers only pay a fee of £4 for any orders under the minimum basket charge.

The Tesco website states: 'From 2 May, the minimum basket charge will increase to £5. The minimum basket charge is added to all orders that don’t meet the minimum basket value.

'At the same time, the minimum basket value for Home Delivery will change to £50. The minimum order value for Click+Collect will remain at £25 for all stores.'

What do customers think?

Shoppers aren't happy about the news, saying that it could push families over the edge financially.

One unhappy customer wrote on Facebook: 'Supermarket costs are rising, Tesco online delivery is changing.

'The minimum checkout basket is rising from £40 to £50. I know this is easily done for families but I know lots of people on their own unable to do a weekly shop and it's been a lifeline, but the rise to £50 will be far too much.'

Boycotting the store

Others said they'd go elsewhere instead or that the supermarket would lose out on thousands of customers because of the decision.

A second wrote: 'The basket fee makes me so mad, feels like a tax for being too poor to order enough for the minimum.'

And a third simply said it was 'far too high'.

Others called the supermarket out for hiking its food prices already, saying that the new basket minimum wouldn't make that much of a difference.

'Tesco have already increased your usual £40 spend to well over £50 with their constant price hikes anyway so who will notice the difference,' one wrote on Twitter.

'This isn't every little helps @tesco,' wrote another.

And another called it a 'penalty' for customers, writing: 'In a cost of living crisis, Tesco are raising the minimum basket value for home delivery by £10 to £50, and if you don't meet that, you get what is essentially a penalty of £5.

'Really helping the people that are struggling. Whose stupid idea is this?'

Cutting Clubcard Vouchers

And that's not all.

Recently, the supermarket came under fire by customers for halving the value of its Tesco Clubcard vouchers from 3 times as much to just twice as much.

That means that the vouchers – which can be redeemed on days out and meals at restaurants – won't stretch as far as they used to on trips for the family.

Points are currently worth 3 times the value – meaning that for every £1 of points collected, customers can get £3 to spend on day trips or restaurant meals through a rewards partner.

However, from 14 June, Clubcard vouchers will only be worth double their value if exchanged at any of Tesco's 100 reward partners.

And, earlier this month, thousands of families' Tesco delivery orders were cancelled at the last minute as the supermarket suffered an IT issue.

It left many families out of pocket as they were told they'd have to wait up to 5 days for a refund, while other families struggling to afford replacement food.

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