5 reasons kids will LOVE the new NERF Junior range

First published on Monday 3 April 2023

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Looking for fun ways to get the kids active (without complaints of being bored)? The all-new NERF Junior range, designed for children who are playing NERF battles for the first time, means hours of easy fun, guaranteed. Here’s all you need to know about this year’s must-have toy …

Kids love playing games. And they love playing games even more if they are competing against their friends. Now they can have the ultimate battles – indoors and outdoors – thanks to the new NERF Junior range.

Designed for children aged 6+, it’s the first time NERF has launched a junior range. And we think your kids (and you!) are going to love it. Here’s why …

1. It’s the perfect size

Chances are your child has been wanting to have NERF fun for a while (especially if they have older siblings who play NERF battles with their mates). And now they can.

The NERF Elite Jr Explorer blaster has an easy-play design: it’s just the right size for little hands and  is lightweight and easy to hold. Your child can happily carry it around while they play and the oversized aimer makes it easy to launch the foam darts.

NERF Elite Jr. Explorer blaster
Hours of fun, guaranteed!

2. It’s easy to blast

There’s nothing worse than being mid-battle and struggling to load new foam darts. NERF has thought of this and included a simple front-loading design on the blaster. Four foam darts will blast out in a row, just the right amount for hitting the targets.

NERF has also made the handle the easiest ever to pull. This makes it ideal for younger kids who’ve never played NERF battles before. Simply aim and blast!

Girl playing with NERF Elite Jr Blaster

3. There are LOTS of ways to play

From trick shots and blasting targets to obstacle courses and tag, there are loads of different ways to play with the NERF Junior range.

For double the fun, check out the NERF Elite Jr Ultimate Starter Set . It contains 2 blasters, 15 foam darts and 2 targets. This means an action-packed playtime for your child and their friend (or you!).

NERF Elite Jr starter set
The NERF Elite Jr Ultimate Starter Set is perfect for your child and their friend!

4. It’s an all-weather activity

Snow, rain, sun … you never know what you’re going to get with the UK weather. But with the NERF Junior range, nothing stops the fun! The blaster can be used for indoor or outdoor games. All you need is the NERF Elite Jr Explorer blaster and kids with energy to burn.

5. It's screen free time

If you want your kids to be more active (and away from their devices), the NERF Elite Jr Explorer blaster is the answer.

Not only does it encourage kids to run around as they blast their foam darts, it’s also a great way to boost their imagination. They can come up with different competitions and battle ideas with their friends.

Brilliant fun for the whole family!

The NERF Elite Jr Explorer blaster is on sale now.

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boy playing with NERF blaster
Hours of NERF fun, guaranteed